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Bianca Tyler

Children & Literacy

Bianca has a huge heart for children, the elderly and animals. Her 1st television show, Room With A View produced by Picture This! Productions, focused on Bianca’s deep belief in altruism; she was thrilled to write and host topics relating to children, senior citizens and all critters. These core beliefs have always continued throughout the years whether she was on or off television.

With her degree in psychology and a significant interest in human development, childhood behavior, and social and group dynamics, Bianca delights in teaching and reading to young people. She is currently working on two books – one teaches children to be kind to animals; the other is about bonding and self-esteem.

She is a great advocate of literacy having read to more than a thousand children since 1989 throughout schools in Connecticut, Texas and Illinois. She has been a guest reader and speaker for the Connecticut Poetry Society, read storybooks to more than 200 children on Connecticut Reading Day ’91, and makes reading to her preschooler’s class a regular activity. Bianca has been collecting children’s books since the 80s.

Her love for language arts stems from her parents' and grandparents' love of reading and learning. So it comes as no surprise that Bianca chose journalism and magazine publishing as her profession, her sister chose teaching as a career, and when her beloved father passed away, donations to a Connecticut-based literacy program were encouraged in lieu of flowers.

Whether Bianca is reading as a TV or radio personality, Miss Connecticut, or Mom, she connects with children through her genuine warmth and kindness and she engrosses them with her silly sense of humor by using character voices and exaggerated motions.

Children of all ages have felt comfortable throughout the years to approach her after performances, call her at the television station, or write to her throughout the country – she has responded to every letter and call from any child who has ever reached out to her [click: The Morning Mix].

Helping children read and learn started for Bianca at a very young age. When she was 12-years-old, her teachers recommended she start teaching 4th graders during school hours who were struggling with literacy; she loved it and continued to tutor numerous subjects throughout high school and college. As a volunteer Probation Counselor in the Juvenile System, Bianca brought the arts – literacy, painting and fine music – to the youth she mentored in the program.

During her career, she would coach colleagues and clients in elocution for voiceover work for television and industrials [click: Voiceovers]. As an instructor at CSB, she taught diction of phraseology for commercial work.

For Bianca, it all comes down to the written word and the expression of that word. And it all starts with a child.

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