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Bianca Tyler

Video - The Morning Mix

The Morning Mix - This popular breakfast show is best & most fondly described in one of the clips as “3 men behaving badly and 1 woman trying to deal with it.” It was one of the nation’s 1st live interactive news, entertainment and commentary programs with an audience that aired simultaneously on television and radio!

It’s been often noted that my interaction with my co-hosts and my honest female perspective captivated the audience. To date, this has been my favorite television venture. It really shows who I am and how I love to live my life - with a good laugh and a lot of talking! I loved this show - the emotions, ad-libbing and fun with the audience and especially a great kinship with the children [be sure to click on the Children & Literacy tab after watching this video.] For all the times viewers have said they enjoyed me on the show, it is I who gives thanks to them for their kindness and loyalty.

To give you a flavor of this program, I have edited clips which include Battle of the Sexes, Science Day, Wildlife Visitors, the “You Don’t Know Jack” game, and Dial-A-Doodle. Viewers were encouraged to call-in during the show, e-mail us, or visit our studio audience. My responsibilities included producing, editing & anchoring news, scripting stories, headlines, teases, vo/sot’s, packages & The Entertainment Scoop. 

Enjoy 14 minutes of good times, outtakes and mayhem on "The Morning Mix!" 

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